15 Ways to Share Your Care

We all know how cute and cuddly Care Bears are, but what many don’t know is that they have a very important mission. It is to encourage others to share their care. So what does that mean? It means to spread happiness, kindness, love, acceptance and, of course, sharing to all those around you. Care Bears would like you to join their mission by sharing your care every day.

As a Care Bears Ambassador, I would like to encourage parents to work with their children to celebrate the Care Bears’ mission. It is so important for parents to teach their kids about respecting those that are different, helping those in need and showing love for all no matter their shape, size or color.

Care Bear Variety

As part of the Share Your Care Mission, Care Bears has donated hundreds of Care Bears to the We Care Bears Project. For those who don’t know, this project was started by 13-year-old Jessica Carscadden who was chosen as this year’s Care Bears Kid Ambassador. Jessica started her project by donating her stuffed animals to her local fire department to provide to scared children experiencing trauma. This then turned into a school wide effort where stuffed animals were collected and donated to the police department and ambulance squads as well. Since then, Jessica, with the help of others, has donated over 3000 bags of stuffed animals to first responders and other organizations that help children in the USA dealing with traumatic experiences.

Care Bear 2

Now, if a 13-year-old can start a project and donate thousands of stuffed animals to children in need, I am sure there is something we can all do share our care too. To help you get started, I have come up with a list of ways to help others. Good deeds can be small or big. It doesn’t matter when they come from the heart!

15 Ways to Share Your Care

Donate stuffed animals to Children’s¬†Hospital

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Volunteer at a Day Care

Write a Letter to a Veteran

Help a Neighbor

Donate Clothes to Charity

Volunteer to Read at Library Story Time

Participate in a Town Clean Up

Buy Lunch for Homeless

Help Your Parents Clean the House

Cook a Meal for a Sick Neighbor/Friend

Volunteer at an Aquarium or Zoo

Rake the leaves for an elderly neighbor

Share toys with siblings and/or friends

Donate School Supplies to  Family in Need

Join the #CareaLotChallenge! Complete one selfless act a day. You can share your experience on Facebook or Twitter by tagging @CareBears and using the hashtags #ShareYourCare and #CareaLotChallenge. Happy Sharing!

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