1. Our favorite Pixar movie is without a doubt Toy Story! We love all 3 in this house and watch them over and over. The Toy Story movies were the first movies both my kids would watch when they were little! Can’t wait for the 4th to come out.

    • Jessica Lopa

      My kids love that movie too. Art of Animation in Walt Disney World has an amazing Cars section that your son will LOVE!!

  2. Geez – that’s so hard to pick just one. Of course I love the Toy Story trilogy, UP and Finding Nemo but my recent favorite is Inside Out – it’s brilliantly casted, funny, bittersweet but even more important it’s helped my daughter with autism understand emotions better and helped her to talk about them too :) Definitely need to check this exhibit out!

    • Jessica Lopa

      Inside Out definitely had a profound impact on me. It is a wonderful way to explain emotions and understand how the brain works. I am so happy to hear that it helped your daughter in such a positive way!

    • Jessica Lopa

      That’s awesome! My son has a membership since he attended a camp-in. I would love to get a family membership as well. It is such fun place for kids play, learn and grow!

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