1. Brenda Brim

    I read your read on 8 signs your child has autism. Very interesting. My son was never diagnosed with autism. He’s now in his 20’s. He had all the signs you posted and more. Life was tough because I knew he had something different with him verses other kids. I’m writing you because my grandson is autistic. He’s 6, he has melt downs, acts out in s hook with other kids at times. It’s rough. We also see him come home with marks on him from other kids acting out on him. His school doesn’t have a full time special Ed teacher. He’s lucky if he gets 2 hours a day of a special Ed teacher. Do you know of any advocates we can talk to about his school situation? We live in Orland. Ca. It’s Glenn county district. He has an IEP. But we need someone to advocate for him. It seems like the teacher and principle wants to fit jaiden into a regular Ed program. They say the don’t have this, and they don’t have that. There isn’t much of a program for him here. They now want to have a behavioral meeting this next Tuesday. They are hinting about kicking him out of school. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. We need help with his rights as an autistic child. Please help us or send us to someone who can? Thanks!

    • Hello Brenda. I am sorry, I just saw this question. Can you please give me an email where I can contact you? I want to do some research and find help for your grandson in your area. I just need to do a bit of research and maybe contact some places I know that would be able to lead me to who you can contact.


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