Brighten Up Playtime with Glo Wubble Bubble Ball

Is it a ball?

Is it a bubble?

Is it the moon or a planet?

The Glo Wubble Bubble Ball looks like all of the above as it allows kids to play during the day AND at night. Kids can pretend to pop bubbles or spot a planet in the night sky. With the Glo Wubble Ball, kids use their creativity and imagination to create new games and ways to play. It will brighten up any playtime experience!

I love toys that offer learning through play. Toys that allow kids to gain valuable skills all while having fun. Well, that is exactly what the Glo Wubble Bubble Ball does. We have been lucky enough to be chosen to review the original Wubble Bubble Ball as well as the WubbleX, and now we are excited to tell you about Glo Wubble Bubble Ball. We were provided the Glo Wubble in blue (pump included) in exchange for sharing our honest review with you!

The Glo Wubble comes with everything you need to get started!

The Glo Wubble comes with everything you need to get started!

Like the original Wubble Bubble Ball, the Glo Wubble Bubble Ball offers hours of fun for the entire family. It is easy to blow up only requiring an air pump, nozzle and lubricant. Although it is simple to inflate, I recommend having someone to help as inserting the nozzle can be a little tricky. It only takes minutes to inflate then the fun can begin!

Blowing up Glo Wubble

The Glo Wubble Ball can inflate up to 3 feet and can be played with inside and outside. Due to the abundance of sticks we have outside at this time, we chose to play inside. Although the Glo Wubble is durable, it is not indestructible so please try to keep it away from sharp objects!

So how is the Glo Wubble different from the original? Well, it glows of course! With the Glo Wubble Bubble Ball, the fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Just take your ball into a dark room and watch the magic happen. The Glo Wubble is perfect for playing before bedtime, while camping or even at an outdoor movie. To maximize brightness, place your Glo Wubble Ball under a bright light or in the sun for a little while. I held mine under a light for about 15 minutes which helped provide a good glow. We then brought the ball into a dark room and watched in amazement as it glowed brightly.

There are so many ways to play with the Glo Wubble Ball and all offer opportunities for learning! Whether you play inside or outside, during the day or at night, the Glo Wubble Ball allows kids to develop important skills all while having fun!

Playing with Glo Wubble

3 Benefits of Playing with the Glo Wubble Ball

Encourages Creativity

There are so many possibilities when playing during the day, but how do you play at night, in the dark? Coming up with new ways to play helps spark creativity. Kids engage in imaginary and pretend play which helps build other skills such as problem solving and language development. I loved all the fun games my kids came up with as we played in the dark!

Enhances Visual Tracking Skills

During the day, playing with the Glo Wubble Ball helps kids build visual spatial skills but at night visual tracking skills become enhanced as well. Kids have to carefully keep track of where the ball is in the dark which helps improve visual skills.

Improves Motor Planning

Playing with the Glo Wubble Ball involves a great deal of motor planning. Kids have to use balance and coordination when throwing the ball and visual-motor integration when catching it. Even sitting or laying on the ball takes motor skills.

The Glo Wubble Bubble Ball offers endless opportunities for learning through play!

The Glo Wubble Bubble Ball offers endless opportunities for learning through play!

We really enjoyed playing with the Glo Wubble Bubble Ball during the day and at night. I can’t wait to see what other fun games my kids come up with! You can purchase your own Glo Wubble Bubble Ball on Amazon for around $30 using our affiliate link.


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