Kids Need Stories: A Creativity Can Review

In full disclosure, we were provided the Creativity Cans from Creativity for Kids in exchange for our honest review.

This summer, I had the pleasure of reviewing Creativity Cans by Creativity for Kids.  These bite sized cans are filled with many little textural pieces such as feathers, eyeballs, glue, patterned paper and more. Creativity Cans have different themes which are reinforced by the specific components provided in each of them.  For example, in Critters, children have access to physical feature cutouts, while with the Motion can, children have access to pull back pieces that allow them to imagine their own car, truck or vehicle that moves on four wheels.  I reviewed these two cans alongside Build for an article on the benefits of STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, and Mathematics) that are engaged when playing with Creativity Cans.

There is one last Creativity Can, however, that my children have been playing with this summer.  The Stories can is quite unique from the others not only because of the included pieces but also because of its premise.  The strong relationship between art and reading may be well understood but this Creativity Can challenges our children to think in an imaginative language.

Stories Creativity Can

The supplies included in the Stories Creativity Can offer many opportunities for uniquely created art projects and stories to be told.

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3 Benefits of Stories Creativity Can

Enhances Language Development

In order for Stories to take place, words are imperative.  Inviting children to tell stories encourages them to improve their language skills.  Ask them to use adjectives, offer synonyms, but most importantly, listen to their stories.  As you provide them with your attention, you are telling them that what they are saying is important which helps build their confidence.

Stories Creativity Can

One small can, thousands of different stories waiting to be told and heard.

Encourages Critical Thinking

Asking questions where children are to predict what happens next encourages critical thinking.  Included in the Stories can is a foam dice that your children can decorate with stickers.  When they roll the dice, the picture can be a prompt for the next line in the story.  Here is a helpful suggestion:  When they tire of the stickers that Creativity for Kids includes in the can, replace them with other stickers.  This allows for even more story telling opportunities. Don’t be surprised, however, if it takes a while before your children will get tired of their own stories.

Stories Creativity Can

We would roll the dice and take turns telling what happened in the story. Two soccer balls went on a bus that the ladybug was driving to get ice cream. The had chocolate, vanilla and orange ice cream.

Fosters Artistic Expression

Within the Stories Creativity Can are sufficient supplies to make additional characters for their stories or to even accompany the existing books that they have. As well, there is a booklet where children can write or draw their own story.  They are improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but the largest overriding quality is that they are gaining confidence in their artistic expression.

Stories Creativity Can

My daughter enjoyed coloring the snake puppet she made.

If you didn’t read my first review, it is important to understand that Creativity Cans do not come with instructions other than to have fun and explore.  This is an open-ended toy where children are utilizing their imagination without limitations or set expectations.  Stories that your children hear or say may not be written but they are still there, and the Stories Creativity Can invites children to express their imagination.

So don’t wait any longer! Purchase your Creativity Can today. You can order Stories on Amazon for under $15! (contains affiliate link)

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