Get On the Tracks with Little Tikes Tumble Train

In full disclosure, Mommy University received Little Tikes Tumble Train from Little Tikes in exchange for an honest review.

Since my kids can hear a train miles away and our current Netflix line up consists of movies involving trains, trains, and more trains, the Little Tikes Tumble Train immediately attracted my children’s eyes.  Reflective of Little Tikes bright and bold color schemes, this train engine is a little powerhouse to keep kids active for hours!

The Tumble Train consists of one train engine that moves around a circular track.  While it seems like a simple concept, its complexity is seen once you attach the tracks and press the smoke stack to turn it on.  There are two options for the movement of the train that includes the first option which propels the train only forward and the second option which has the train randomly going forward or backwards.  Once the train moves who knows where it goes?  We certainly couldn’t predict where it would go as it zipped around our living room floor.  The Tumble Train certainly kept the kids running around in a fit of giggles.

Tumble Train

The Tumble Train is a unique toy for toddlers and preschoolers.

Mommy University Presents

4 Benefits of Little Tikes Tumble Train

Gets Kids Active

Little Tikes Tumble Train requires a lot of space because this train moves and it moves quickly.  My kids loved taking turns chasing it across the room and running around the room pretending the train chased them.  If you put the train on the second option which makes the train move in random directions, it will keep kids on their feet because they will never know where it goes.

Snaps Together

In order for this train to move on the tracks, it does require some assembly which you can enlist children to do.  It requires strength and hand-eye coordination to snap the tracks together making it a brain boosting activity.  When the train moves around, it can sometimes separate the tracks so I suggest engaging your kids in this process.

Tumble Train

The tracks snap into place but do require strength and hand-eye coordination.

Sparks Imaginary Play

The first several times the Tumble Train started my children sat back to watch; however, they no longer watch as they love to play with this train instead.  I recently overheard my children laughing and running around screaming, “It’s coming to get us! Let’s go!”  They had begun to create their own game with the Tumble Train and I imagine your kids will as well.

Tumble Train

The Tumble Train stimulates fun reactions from kids including the creation of their own games.

Introduces Critical Thinking Skills

For young children, introducing critical thinking skills can begin with simple questions about what they think will happen next.  By asking these questions you are inviting them to make predictions which is a higher order thinking skill.  It also makes them think about cause and effect.  Ask them where they think the train will finish?  How many times it will it go backwards? How far can Tumble Train go?  All of these questions make your child think critically as well as build language skills.

Tumble Train

Where does the Tumble Train go? Ask questions to get kids thinking about outcomes.

The Tumble Train requires batteries to power the train to move on the tracks.  It also makes noises and lights up. The train can be loud when it moves around the train tracks, but there is a volume control option for low and high.  My kids love this train as they pull it out each day to play.  I know your kids will love it too!  The Tumble Train can be purchased on Amazon for $24.99 using our affiliate link.


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