10 Brain Boosting Corn Mazes in New Jersey

Updated for 2020!

The smell of donuts, baskets full of apples, hayrides through fields full of pumpkins and animals to feed and pet. Where can you can enjoy all of these experiences? At a farm of course! Now I love all of these farm fun activities, but there is another brain boosting experience that can set a farm apart from all the rest. An activity that involves problem solving, teamwork, spatial awareness and, of course, fun!

I am talking about a corn maze! Some are long, some are short. Some are during the day and some are at night. Some offer riddles and stories while others offer multi-sensory fun. New Jersey offers a wide variety of farms as we are the Garden State of course, but it also boasts some amazing corn maze experiences!

10 Brain Boosting Corn Mazes in NJ

Alstede Farms

Located in gorgeous Chester, Alstede Farms is known for its wide variety of farm fun. They offer hayrides, a corn pit, wagon rides, a hay pyramid and more. Their corn maze, however, is something you cannot miss! This year’s maze offers 2 mazes: kiddie maze and giant 10-acre maze. It is a fun, interactive learning experience for all ages. Want even more excitement? Then don’t miss the Harvest Moon Hayride and Night Time Corn Maze which is available every weekend September 20-October 26.

Stony Hill Farms

Also located in beautiful Chester, Stony Hill Farms offers one of the most unique maze experiences. This year, their 10-acre corn maze is themed aMAZEd by Weather. Stony Hill Farms does not stop with just a corn maze though. They also offer a 1-acre mini corn maze, rope maze and tile maze. In addition, families can enjoy a life-sized barnyard board game, gemstone mining and a playground. Did I mention on Saturdays you can also explore the giant corn maze at night? The mazes open September 5!

Happy Day Farm

If you are looking for something fun and exciting to do this fall, then head over to Happy Day Farm in Manalapan. Besides the corn box, hayride, pig races, zoo, tire mountain, pedal carts and corn stalk tunnel, they have an a-MAZE-ing 10-acre corn maze. While exploring, guests can play Maize-O-Poly, Corn Text and GPS Locator. What a fun way to learn and play! What’s even more amazing is that this year’s them is Marvel Superheroes! The maze is expected to open in mid-September.

Heaven Hill

Being Sussex County residents, we love visiting Heaven Hill Farm each year. Located in Vernon, this farm offers a full day of fun on the farm for the entire family. From pumpkin picking to hayrides to a petting zoo, there is something for everyone. Their corn maze is a wonderful multi-sensory experience for the entire family, and this year’s Down on the Farm theme will be sure to delight all ages. As you walk through the maze, guests can play various games such as word game, picture find, and word search. The game we love the most, however, is the Fabulous Finger Find game which is for the smallest of corn maze goers. Throughout the maze, there are stations where kids can choose a finger to place on a color. By the end of the maze, each finger will be painted in a pattern of the child’s choosing. The child can then look up their pattern on a chart to see what silly action they have to perform like be T-Rex or hop like a bunny. What a fun way to play and learn! The maze opens September 12!

Heaven Hill Farm Corn Maze

Etsch Farms

Etsch Farms in Monroe Township is a 4th generation family owned farm that offers a wonderful fall experience for guests. You can pick a pumpkin, sample some apple cider or just enjoy a hayride with family on a gorgeous fall day. Their 8-acre corn maze is another fun activity to enjoy with friends and family. Hidden throughout the maze is a crossword puzzle game to add even more challenge to your adventure. There is also a smaller maze if the large maze is too much for you or the kids. Families can also explore the maze at night for more spooky fun!

Springdale Farms

For over 60 years Springdale Farms has been selling farm fresh produce to their Cherry Hill community. This fall, head over to the farm to try some fresh food, enjoy an educational hayride and explore their amazing corn maze. Their fun and interactive Maize Quest offers pictures, clues and games while walking through the corn maze. It is perfect for families, friends, scouts, school groups and more. The maze is open from mid-September through mid-October.

Terhune Orchards

Found in gorgeous Princeton, Terhune Orchards offers endless fall fun for individuals of all ages. What I love are all the educational activities offered such as their Read and Pick programs. This fall, after exploring the barnyard animals, tractors and picking apples, take a stroll through their corn stalk maze. In the past, we had to find pictures that represented each season of the year. What I liked about the simplicity of this concept is that it sparked conversations with my kids about the seasons. This helped them build their language skills including vocabulary and turn-taking.

Terhune Orchard Corn Stalk Maze

Von Thun’s Country Farm

Located in Monmouth Junction, Von Thun’s Country Farm offers a corn maze full of twists and turns. Von Thun’s offers several challenging ways to enjoy the maze which adds to the brain boosting fun. Guests can do the Total Challenge (complete the maze without any help), receive some assistance from the Cornundrum signs, use the fun interactive game of Corn Texting, complete the maze Passport or just follow the map on the maze instruction booklet. Other fun activities include the giant Spookley the Square Pumpkin Storybook which offers a great anti-bullying message and Simon Says spinning wheels located throughout the maze.

Howell Living Historical Farm

Located in Mercer County, Howell Living Historical Farm takes families back over a 100 years ago to show what farming life was like for people of that time period. This fall, besides exploring the wonders of the past, visitors can also enjoy the longest running corn maze in NJ! As guests work their way through the maze, they can collect 10 puzzle pieces to add to their game board. They also have to answer chicken trivia questions, but don’t worry, the answers are also hidden within the corn maze. When done, you can enjoy pumpkin picking, a hayride and more!

Donaldson Farms

One of our favorite farms to visit during any season is Donaldson Farms located in Hackettstown. We have already introduced you to their Sunflower Tour so now we want to share information about their amazing corn maze too! Each year, their maze has a different theme and a portion of the entry fee is donated to a charitable organization. The maze opens at the end of September!

We will continue to update this list as more information becomes available! Have fun experiencing this fun fall activity with your friends and family! Visit our Facebook page and tell us what your favorite corn maze experience was this fall. Feel free to share some pictures too!


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