Slip Into Learning with Penguins on Ice from SmartGames

In full disclosure, Mommy University was provided Penguins On Ice in exchange for an honest review.

Joe Moore stated, “It is practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.”  Joe made an accurate statement when you think of children’s films like Happy Feet, Penguins of Madagascar.  The best dressed animals have found a special place in our hearts and SmartGames has created a unique game just for them.

If you are not new to Mommy University then you know that SmartGames creates challenging, logic games for single players. Penguins on Ice contains five puzzle pieces shaped like ice with their own penguin.  Also included are the puzzle board and book.  The puzzle book contains 60 challenges that range from beginner to advanced, and there is only one solution to each challenge.  Unlike other SmartGames whose puzzle pieces do not change form, the player can actually manipulate the ice to change its shape.  This adds a whole new dynamic which complicates the skills needed to solve the puzzle.

Mommy University Presents

4 Benefits of Playing Penguins On Ice

Encourages Problem Solving

At the heart of all puzzles is finding a solution.  With traditional jigsaw puzzles, you are connecting pieces to form a larger picture.  Yet, there are puzzles beyond the traditional and SmartGames is fabulous at taking a game to a whole new level.  Penguins on Ice focuses on the interaction of pieces to fit on the game board. Players have to use thinking skills and problem solve in order to find the correct solution.

Penguins on Ice

Finding the solution to this puzzle changes which keeps children engaged.

Enhances Spatial Awareness and Organization

In order to manipulate the pieces on the board, the player needs to understand how the shapes interact with each other.  Toddlers are introduced to spatial awareness and organization when confronted with pushing circles, squares and stars through the matching hole.  In this instance, the player is trying to place geometric shapes into the spaces based on prior pieces placed on the board.

Penguins on Ice

Does this piece work? The geometric shapes can be shifted and changed which adds to the challenge.

Sparks the Imagination

Although this game is made to play like a puzzle, kids can also use it to engage in pretend play and create stories. Since the puzzle includes penguins and blocks resembling ice, kids can use their imagination to create their own arctic worlds or recreate scenes from their favorite penguin movies. They can even pull in other animals like polar bears, sea lions and whales to join in on the fun!

Enhances Strategic Planning

Penguins On Ice capitalizes on the player’s ability to strategically plan.  Since the pieces require it’s shape to be changed there is not one variable but five.  In order to complete the challenge, one piece may need to be changed or all five pieces may need that change.  For the player to be successful, they will need to understand the shapes that can be formed and then think about what shape is needed to complete the puzzle.

Penguins on Ice

Finding the solution to this puzzle is not just placing the pieces correctly but also involves deciding if the shapes the right ones.

We love penguins in our home and now we love Penguins On Ice too! As soon as my children’s eyes landed on the box, they wanted to play with Penguins on Ice.  While my son attempted to solve the challenges, my three-year old just wanted to play with the penguins as though they were figurines.  Often times we watch documentaries on oceans so I am not completely surprised by how entranced they became with this game.  While the game is very challenging for my kids, they keep returning to play with the game because they are having a great time.

Penguins on Ice can be purchased for $21.25 using this Amazon affiliate link. It is recommended for children ages 6 and older; however, it can be enjoyed by children younger with parental assistance.

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