1. Thank you for this article! I think people understand the importance of play. My daughter who has autism and sensory issues, never properly played with her toys when she was a tot. She was obsessed with cars, wheels and hinges and lining things up. Now that she’s nearly 10, I’ve had the pleasure of watching her develop her play skills to the point where she plays with everything properly! And while she still has a soft spot for car toys, she loves playing with her dolls, stuffed toys, kitchen toys, building toys like Legos, painting and dress up. It’s a beautiful thing to watch and as parents, we can’t underestimate the importance of play!

  2. At the school where I teach, we just listened to a lecture from a brain research specialist, and she talked about this! It’s important for kids to try many different things, especially when they are young.

  3. Kelly Meier

    My little guy just started participating more in pretend play and I love watching him! He has a little grill that he cooks up food and also seeing how he interacts with his trucks and cars shows how important it is to allow kids to pretend and use their imagination.

    • Jessica Lopa

      I have some great memories of coming up with stories with my sister. It is definitely a big part of childhood!

  4. Ahh love this! I hope to always let my son play play play!! I studied early childhood development and education, where I learned SOOOO much about play’s importance!

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