1. Wow! I’m in the UK so never heard of it, but it really looks like a great place to visit! I’m going to have to do some investigating now and see if we have anything similar here! haha My husband has higher education in both physics and maths, so I think he would also love it here. 😀 My eldest (11) is also very interested in this so all in all I think it would be perfect.

  2. jasminekeclipse

    What a great place for kids to learn and be challenged to use their skills! I work closely with students in STEM programs, and it truly is such a beneficial program for children to get involved with, I’ve seen so many positive differences in their school work too! Thank you for sharing about Diggerland!

  3. Yona Williams

    Are you serious? How cool would it be when we were kids to be able to work construction equipment? I would have been all over that Mini Digger.

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