Put Your Child at the Wheel with Lean to Turn Scooter from Little Tikes

In full disclosure, we were provided Lean to Turn Scooter by Little Tikes in exchange for our honest review.

While I don’t follow all parenting trends or beliefs, I do enjoy examining the possible reasons why one toy, for example, becomes popular.  My first clue that scooters are beneficial to young children is when I noticed a gym teacher give her toddler a scooter as a gift.  The first time I witnessed this, I thought it was interesting. By the third time, however, I noticed it was a trend and my curiosity grew.

I was incredibly happy to receive the Little Tikes Lean to Turn Scooter to review for Mommy University because within a short period of time I could see the value and joy of this toy.  It took minutes to put the scooter together which should reassure any parent that it doesn’t require a manual or encyclopedia set.  When your hands touch the Lean to Turn Scooter it will feel like a solidly built and high quality product which it is. It is simply a well made device that will enhance your child’s physical health and well-being.

Lean to Turn Scooter

The Lean to Turn Scooter is popular in our home and became so quickly.

Mommy University Presents

4 Benefits of Riding the Lean to Turn Scooter

Increases Self Confidence

Both my children fall within the age range that the toy is designed and it was wonderful to see them both instantly take to riding on the Little Tikes scooter.  When children are given tasks that they can be successful at, this success helps build their self-confidence.  My son listened to the instructions and shortly was pushing the scooter across our driveway.  My daughter was the same giggling the entire time because she was so successful.


As a parent, it is a reassuring feeling when you watch your child gain confidence as they play with toys.

Encourages Outdoor Play

The Lean to Turn Scooter capitalizes on being outside.  With spring finally here, the children are constantly asking to be outside.  I feel comfortable this has been added to our arsenal of quality outdoor toys. Every day that we have ventured outside since receiving the Lean to Turn Scooter, one of my children has been gliding on the driveway.  Fresh air is critical to physical health and playing with this scooter encourages a passion to be outside.

Fun Outdoors

The Lean to Turn Scooter is perfect for outdoors and encourages children to play.

Encourages Physical Activity

As I mentioned, my children enjoy playing with this toy repeatedly.  In order for the scooter to move, your child has to kick the ground.  Young children enjoy being in motion and toys that encourage them to move are going to be enjoyed more easily.  The Lean to Turn Scooter offers children the ability to move, move quickly, and move because they are the force propelling it forward. This also helps build gross motor skills and coordination.

Improves Balance

The ability to balance is introduced by playing on a scooter.  The Lean to Turn Scooter is designed for children ages 2-4 which is the perfect age range to focus on this skill.  Originally, it looks as though my children can easily balance on the scooter; however, after closer observation they are still acquiring and improving their balance.  Balance is an important skill that will enable them to be successful riding on a bicycle, skateboarding, skiing/snowboarding and playing various sports.

Balance on Scooter

Acquiring the skill to balance on a scooter helps children to later ride on a bicycle.

The Little Tikes Lean to Turn Scooter is a family favorite and these are a few out of the many beneficial reasons that as a parent I have noticed.  My favorite reason, however, is that my children are laughing and beaming with joy every time they play with this toy!

Want to get your own Lean to Turn Scooter? You can purchase your own using this Amazon affiliate link. It comes in a variety of colors including blue, pink, orange and green. Prices also vary but its retail value is $39.99.

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