SmartGames IQ Candy: A “Sweet” Way to Learn

In full disclosure, we were provided IQ Candy in exchange for our honest review. An Amazon affiliate link is also included.

I have already begun imagining all the summer adventures that await my family.  Hotels have been booked and maps are getting Googled for long day trips.  We don’t pack a lot of toys to bring with us during extended trips, so what we do pack has to be good.  Since IQ Candy is compact, fun, and intellectually challenging it will be perfect for a break at the pool, late at night in the hotel room, or just on a quiet night at home.

IQ Candy is a new brain boosting toy from SmartGames designed for children ages 7 and older.  The game has a board, seven brightly colored pieces, cover and, the most important piece, a booklet which consists of 60 challenges which range from beginner to expert.

How do you play?

The player can select any one of the sixty challenges presented in the book.  The challenge will begin with a few pieces on the board and the player is required to place the remaining pieces until the board is completely covered.  While the instructions are simple, the game can get complicated.  At Mommy University we emphasize learning through play and IQ Candy is a perfect example of this concept.

IQ Candy

The size makes this game perfect to fit in luggage or a purse.

Mommy University Presents

Benefits of IQ Candy

Encourages Problem Solving

After we spend a significant amount of time teaching our children to learn rules, we want them to become problem solvers.  We want them to envision solutions because modern society places an importance on that skill.  However in our society, the problems change and they change quickly.  IQ Candy is a very modern puzzle in that the solution is not linear.  As you place a piece that may appear to work, it may be learned that later on it is not the right piece in that location. In order to place all the pieces on the board it may require moving other pieces. In addition, since the shapes are unique, each time the game is picked up it will be difficult to remember the solution.  Therefore, each time the game is played an old challenge will look new and the player will see that the same problem can be approached differently.

IQ Candy

The brightly colored pieces don’t fit easily and may require to be turned, rotated, or flipped upside down.

Promotes Critical Thinking Skills

While the game encourages problem solving skills it also promotes critical thinking skills.  There are no specific steps to finding the solution to each challenge thus there is no right or wrong approach. Some players will plan out their approach while others will use trial and error. IQ Candy is about covering the entire board with the seven pieces. Due to its design, the unique geometric candy shapes cannot just be placed on the board.

Visual Spatial Awareness

I really enjoy that the pieces have unique shapes and due to its bold colors it invites players to manipulate them.  In order to put a piece down it may not fit due to the raised bumps, so the player may have to flip, rotate, or turn the pieces.  This helps kids understand the concept of visual-spatial integration. Players have to use their visual scanning and processing skills combined with spatial awareness to find the solutions.

Completed IQ Candy

There are many completed layouts. There are over 60 challenges.

Invites Group Collaboration

While SmartGames are designed to be single player games, I enjoyed playing this game with my son.  We discussed how to turn the pieces and what were obstacles to the solution.  We also discussed strategy. Personally, I enjoy the brain boosting components of this game but by collaborating with my son I found this wonderful opportunity for him to articulate his ideas and learn how to be receptive to suggestions.  It may sound ideal but it involved a lot of talking (and a few “no’s”) but we were worked together.

IQ Candy is small enough to bring inside your purse or luggage. Due to its size, I look forward to bringing this toy with the family as we travel this summer for some unplugged fun.   It has many layers and brain boosting opportunities for children to learn through play. You can purchase your own IQ Candy for only $14.99 on For more information, visit the SmartGames website.

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