1. wow, those are so cool! I love the variety and so many ways to play and educate! When my daughter was younger she would play with sea creatures in the bathroom sink! Now she teaches Science, so it’s a great way to find kids interests, and give them ways to learn. (As longs as there are no snakes!) These would make a great gift!

  2. alisonn4

    those are so cool. my kids loved to play with little creatures when they were younger. my oldest would fill the bathroom sink and play with sea animals all day in there! great ways to use the animals for play and education. She is now a science teacher! The turtles are so cute.

  3. You’re totally amazing – how did you ever come up with 10 ideas for these?? If I ever homeschool (and it’s a possibility), I will be using your site exhaustively :) Thanks.

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