1. triciathegoodmama

    My husbands’ grandparents are also snow birds. The rest of the family makes up for it though. My mom is one of 8!

  2. We are the opposite. Our Christmas’ have been filled with 3 events which takes the fun out and makes it too
    busy to truly enjoy. We are
    from NJ but reside in PA. We host Thanksgiving for roughly 16 people but it’s nice bc we aren’t traveling anywhere. And New Years is pretty quiet all around for us.

  3. Well, I have family for a few hours on Christmas day (complete with a long drive and allergen-friendly food in the trunk, ugh!) and I am grateful but what I miss from my childhood is big, special, Christmas Eves-into-Day with a large family. That tradition ended for me and my siblings some years back (our cousins continue it), and I miss it to death. So we are trying to create our own Eve: special but simple dinner, 2 gifts only – ornaments and jammies, and then Christmas Eve service with a fun group afterward. I’m excited to see it this year!

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