Win 4 Passes to Field Station Dinosaurs

Win Passes to Field Station: Dinosaurs

Mommy University has always been a fan of dinosaurs. We love dino books, games and especially places to see and learn about dinosaurs. We have been honored to partner with Field Station: Dinosaurs the past 2 years to bring you all their brain boosting fun. We are especially excited to bring you this amazing giveaway! … [Read more…]

Build, Play and Learn at Genius Gems

Build Play and Learn at Genius Gems

We are so excited to partner with Genius Gems to bring you all their brain boosting fun! Something exciting is coming to Livingston, NJ this fall! A new company called Genius Gems is taking educational play for kids and adults to the next level. Genius Gems is a STEM-based play space, with structured activities designed by an experienced … [Read more…]

Create Your Own Superhero Day: Superhero Activities for Kids

Superhero Day

As my boys get older, I find that they need to be more entertained especially during the summer. To help engage them I decided to develop themed days based on topics they really enjoy. I found that my boys really enjoyed having themed days and/or weeks. They loved helping me plan the activities and creating … [Read more…]