HO HO HO! Caring Santa: A Sensory-Friendly Experience

Taking a photo with Santa Claus is something kids enjoy doing every year, but the process of getting that perfect picture is not so enjoyable for some children with special needs. Well, not this year because Caring Santa is coming to a mall near you!


Last year, I was so excited to visit a Caring Santa at the Quakerbridge Mall. For those not familiar with Caring Santa, it is a special time with Santa meant for families with children who have special needs. The event is held in the morning before the mall officially opens, and the environment is set up to support children with physical, sensory and other special needs. Caring Santa is a Simon Mall experience and takes place at malls all across the country. This sensory friendly event is presented by The Noerr Programs in partnership with Autism Speaks and AbilityPath.org.

What we loved about Caring Santa:

  • No Lines
  • Less Noise
  • No Crowds
  • A very patient Santa

My children have some special needs and sometimes standing in long lines or being exposed to lots of noise can upset them. Visiting Santa has really never been a fun experience until we found Caring Santa. The Santa we visited at Quakerbridge Mall was very patient and sweet. My son really wanted nothing to do with Santa at first but Santa kept on trying. Eventually he gave Santa a high five and allowed the photographer to take one quick picture. It was a proud mom moment, and one we will both remember forever.


Rockaway Mall

Caring Santa requires pre-registration. Please click on the mall below to register. For more malls across the country visit the Caring Santa website.

Santa Cares is another sensory friendly Santa Mall experience hosted at mall locations which requires pre-registration.  Please click on the mall below to register.

To find out about sensory friendly Santa experiences in other states you can go to Autism Speaks here.

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